VideoCap Live SDK ActiveX

VideoCap Live SDK ActiveX 7.0

Release Date : 2012-12-15

Platform : Windows 9X, XP, Vista, Window 7, Windows 8

For Windows Developers who need to video capture and Live broadcasting to Wowza Media Server or Adobe Media Server, Windows Media Players. Support broadcast one camera or 4 cameras in same time.

Video Capture Live SDK ActiveX 5.0 Released (15, December, 2012)

  • added Motion Detection, Video Painter, Video Fx, Video Frame plugin.
  • added Hue and Lightness effects.
  • improved the activex, now run on, c# more stable.
  • remove useOverlay property, you should use EffectType property now.
  • fixed press ESC button cannot close full screen mode in or c# form.
  • added GetAudioCompressorCount, GetAudioCompressorName,GetAudioDeviceCount, GetAudioDeviceName, GetAudioInputPinCount, GetAudioInputPinName, GetDeviceCount, GetDeviceName, GetVideoCompressorCount,
    GetVideoCompressorName, GetVideoFormatCount, GetVideoFormatName, GetVideoInputCount, GetVideoInputName, GetWMVProfileCount, GetWMVProfileName methods.
  • added EffectFxType, EffectMotionSensitivity,EffectPainterDrawingColor, EffectPainterDrawingType, EffectPainterPenSize, EffectType, EffectVideoFrame properties.
  • added ChangeHue, ChangeLightness, EffectMotionSetDetectedRect, EffectPainterClear,EffectPainterZoom methods.
  • added MotionDetected events
  • fixed crash issue in Visual Studio's design time environment. 100% will not crash on
    Visual Studio 's design time environment now.
  • improved some computer cannot use VMR9 renderer issue. Now it can preview the video without need VMR9 Renderer. (except Motion Detection, Video Fx features) 
  • support on Window 8.
  • updated all samples.