DVD Player ActiveX Control


Welcome DVD Player ActiveX Control, this ActiveX Control for Visual Basic ,Visual Foxpro ,Delphi, and Visual C++, .Net.

With DVD Player ActiveX Control help you to develop playback DVD system.

 DVD Player ActiveX Control mainly features as following:

  • Playback DVD movie, include CSS-protected DVD or DVD image from hard disk.
  • Support Playback DVD video spanned on Multi-Monitor.
  • Play, pause, stop, fast forward and backward, step forward.
  • Change the brightness, contrast, hue, saturation of video.
  • Change the audio pitch or speed up or slow down the tempo.
  • Menu selection for Title, Root, Sub-picture, Audio Menus
  • High performance de-interleave technology.
  • Fully Control Sound Volume.
  • Support Full Screen mode.
  • Allow define specific keyboard key or mouse button to clear the full screen.
  • Playback event.
  • Programmatically select specific menu button and activate it.
  • Fully Control different DVD event, e.g. Displaying Title, Displaying Title Menu, Title Change event