Viscom Software VideoCap ActiveX Control


Welcome to VideoCap Pro ActiveX x64 Control, this ActiveX Control for MSAccess 32 bit, MS Access 64 bit, 32 bit and 64 bit VB.NET, C# ,Delphi and Visual C++ and 32 bit Visual Basic 6 ,Visual Foxpro.

VideoCap Pro ActiveX x64 functionality includes:

  • Support add video capture features in 64 bit and 32 bit applications.
  • Support create 64 bit application, the performance will better than 32 bit application.
  • Draw Multi images, texts on a video stream.
  • Capture Video from webcam, capture card, IP Camera, tv tuner, dv cam, dvd player to H264 MP4 on any Windows OS. (need MP4 Encoder plugin )
  • Support GPU Acceleation (NVIDA, AMD, Intel) when encoding to MP4 file. Custom NVIDA Preset. it can minimize usage of CPU , let the output video quality is better or output Low-Latency MP4 file.
  • Support view HTTP MJPEG IP Camera and Record a Live Stream to AVI, MP4 file.
  • Support view RTSP IP Camera and Record a Live Stream to AVI, MP4 file. (need purchased our H264 RTSP IP Camera plugin)
  • Support Screen Capture with highlight color , left click effect, right click effect, custom cursor file and support capture full screen or part of screen and support multi-monitor screen capture.(need purchased our Virtual Screen Capture Plugin).
  • Draw overlay bitmap on a video stream. User define transparent color, alpha value.
  • Support dual display feature, the video will display full screen in monitor 2. (support dynamic Show or Hide the screen in monitor 2)
  • Support  InvertColor, GrayScale, Rotate,Mirror, Hue, Lighntess effects on a video stream.
  • Preview Video and Snapshot From IP Camera.
  • Capture Video From IP Camera to MP4 or AVI file (uncompressed or compressed using any available codec)
  • Support access password protected IP Camera.
  • Support almost all IP Camera that support MJPEG stream.
  • Capture directly to a file or save video stream to memory.
  • Camera Control from selected video source (e.g Brightness, Contrast)
  • Full support for TV tuners.
  • Programmatically change channels.
  • Programmatically change the video input sources including the TV Tuner, S-Video or composite video.