ASP.NET Web Document Viewer SDK Control


With ASP.NET Web Document Viewer SDK Control is a visualization component to view popular image format ,TIFF and PDF documents in web pages.

The key features of the ASP.NET Web Document Viewer SDK Control are listed as follows:

1. Uploads the Image files, TIFF, PDF document into the server and displays the contents in the client.

2. Support view BMP, GIF, ICO, JPEG, PCX, PNG,WMF, WBMP, TGA, PGX, RAS, PNM, Multipage TIF, Multipage PDF and RAW camera formats. Any file can be saved as PDF and TIFF.

3. Navigate through multipage TIFF, PDF document using Continuous scroll mode, jump to page number by clicking the Thumbnails sidebar and use Mouse Wheel go to next page or previous page.

4. Allows customization of the toolbar, you may visible or invisible specific button on toolbar.

5. Support zoom-in / zoom-out actions on your documents or images.

6. Support rotate on your documents or images.

7. Support Print the image or TIFF, PDF document and specific page range.

8. Use your mouse to select a rectangular zone on an image and auto zoom.

9. Support grabbing a page with the mouse and scrolling. 

10. Support display on actual size or fit page.

11. Support display on full screen mode.

12. Easy integration , Just write a few lines of code.

13. Compatible with all the modern browsers that provides HTML5/CSS3/JavaScript support.