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C# - How to add Video Edit Gold ActiveX Playing event in C# 2005 Project

Step 1: Assume you installed Video Edit Gold ActiveX and imported it.

Step 2: Add text box and label on form.

Step 3: Select Form1.Designer.cs , double click it.

Step 4: Found  "// axVideoEdit1" string and add  following code

 this.axVideoEdit1.OnPlaying = new AxVIDEOEDITLib._DVideoEditEvents_OnPlayingEventHandler(this.axVideoEdit1_OnPlaying);

Step 5: Add following code in Form1.cs

 private void axVideoEdit1_OnPlaying(object sender, AxVIDEOEDITLib._DVideoEditEvents_OnPlayingEvent e)

this.textBox1.Text = e.iCurrent.ToString();


Step 6: Now you can run the sample. You will see the current position value changed.