Directshow RTMP Streaming Filter

Directshow RTMP Streaming Filter

Platform : Windows 10, Windows 8, Vista, Windows 7, XP

RTMP Streaming Directshow Filter allow your application streaming the video and audio content with x86 and x64 DirectShow application to Wowza Media Server , Facebook Live, Youtube Live. 

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How To testing Directshow RTMP Streaming Filter?

1. You need RTMP Server for received the RTMP stream. You may use Wowza Media Server  In this tutorial we will use Wowza Media Server. You may download Wowza Streaming Engine Installer from

For installing Wowza Media Server, you need install JDK 8 from Oracle website if you don’t have it.  

2. Open Wowza engine manager in web browser by entering the URL 


3. Enter login information which you provided during installation. 

4. Click the Applications drop down button and select live 

5. Select live - Incoming Security, Click Edit button

 6.In RTMP Publishing select Open (no authentication required)

 7. Run our RTMP Live Streaming Demo, If you tested on one computer only ( Wowza Media Server computer and  RTMP Live Streaming Demo application on same computer ), you may enter localhost in RTMP URL. Otherwise you need enter correct IP address of Wowza Media Server. Click Start button.



live is the application name running on Wowza server. You should keep it as it is.

MyStream is the stream name. You can put any name you want to give your stream.