PDF Viewer SDK ActiveX
PDF Viewer SDK ActiveX

PDF Viewer SDK ActiveX 4.0

Platform : Windows 10, Windows 8, Vista, Windows 7, XP

It is PDF Viewer SDK, fast open PDF, support print a PDF, searching the text with C++ , C#, VB.Net , VB6, Delphi, Vfp, MS Access.

Key Features

  • Support very fast open PDF.
  • Support go to specific page when open multipage PDF file. 
  • Support open protected PDF file.
  • Support zoom in and zoom out the PDF file with good quality.
  • Support searching the text on multipage PDF file.
  • Support export the pages or specific page to bitmap files and scale the to specific size.
  • Support Print a PDF with Print Dialog.
  • Support Print a PDF, select Print, set Page Range, Page Orientation
  • Support Get the default Printer Name.
  • Support Print event, you will know how many pages printed and when is finished.
  • Support Rotate at specific degree of PDF.
  • Support view Unicode content, including Chinese, Japanese, Arabic and Hebrew.
  • Provide User Define Display Area.
  • User Define Zoom in or Zoom out value.
  • Include C#2019, C#2010, VB.NET 2019, VB.Net 2010, Visual Basic, Visual Basic Script (vbs), Visual C , Visual Foxpro, Delphi, Access, Web Page Sample Code.
  • Compatible with any programming language that supports ActiveX (Access, Visual C , Visual Basic , Visual Foxpro, Delphi, .Net, etc.)
  • Royalty free distribution of the OCX file.

Sample Screenshot

Pricing & Purchase

Single Developer license EUR 260
Team Developer License EUR 780
Site Wide license EUR 1180
Single Server license EUR 650

What's New

Version 4.0 has been released (29 March 2020 released)

  • added FitWindow method, it can Fit the PDF content to current display area.
  • updated SaveBitmaps method that can output better quality of bitmap. Now it will output 96 dpi quality.
  • added SaveBitmapsBySize method that can export all pages or specific page  and scale bitmap to specific size.
  • added Visual Foxpro sample.
  • added C# 2019, VB.NET 2019 samples.
  • updated VB6, C# 2010, VB.NET 2010, VC MS Access 2016 samples. 

Version 3.0 has been released (20 January 2019 released)

  • added FitWidth method that support Fit the PDF to width of current display area.
  • added FitHeight method that support Fit the PDF to height of current display area.
  • rewrite the Printing engine. Now it suppprt print large PDF files. Old version cannot print large PDF files, it will have memory issue.
  • added support Print a PDF, select Printer, set Page Range, Page Orientation
  • added support Get the default Printer Name, Get the Count of Printer and Printer Name for specific index.
  • added support OnPrint event. You will know how many pages printed and when is finished.
  • added PrinterOpenPDF method that support Print a PDF without display it.
  • added PrinterClosePDF, PrinterCount, PrinterGetDefaultPrinterName, PrinterGetPageCount, PrinterName, PrinterOpenPDF, PrinterSetPageOrientation, PrinterSetPageRange, PrinterSetPrinterName , PrinterShowPageSetupDlg, PrinterShowPrintDlg methods.
  • removed PDFPageNo property.
  • fixed open invalid PDF file, it will crash issue.
  • updated VB6, VC 2010, C# 2010, VB.NET 2010 samples.
  • added C# 2015, VB.NET 2015, MS Access 2016 samples.

Version 2.0 has been released (1 December 2016 released)

  • added support rotate at specific degree of PDF.
  • added support open protected PDF file.
  • added support print specific page of PDF file.
  • updated VB6, VC, C#2010, VB.NET 2010 samples.
  • added PDFPageNo, RotateAngle, Password properties. 

Version 1.5 has been released (12 March 2013 released)

  • fixed printing PDF issue.

Version 1.1 has been released (12 December 2012 released)


  • fixed lock previous PDF file even open new PDF file.
  • added PDFClose method.
  • support on Window 8.

Version 1.0 has been released (08 November 2012 released)

  • fast PDF viewer SDK ActiveX

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