Silverlight .NET Video Capture Control
Silverlight .NET Video Capture Control

Silverlight .NET Video Capture Control 1.5

Platform : Windows XP, Vista, Window 7, 8, Apple Mac OS

For Web or .NET Developers who need to Video Capture processing on Windows and Mac OS X or browser-based application

Key Features

  • Capture Video From WebCam.
  • Snapshot to JPEG file or WriteableBitmap.
  • Draw overlay text on video and custom text color, font size, shadow color.
  • Draw overlay image on video with alpha value.
  • Draw overlay scrolling text on video, scrolling style, custom text color, font size, scrolling position.
  • Draw overlay motion image on video, custom motion style. 
  • Programmatically select video device, video format, get the specific video device and video format name and count of video device and video format.
  • Support a lot of Video Effects, Brightntess, Invert, Ripple etc.
  • Include Sliverlight c# 2010 Sample Code.
  • Royalty free distribution of the control files.
  • Compatible with Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 or above products including Visual Studio 2010 Expression Editions as well as Microsoft Expression Blend. 


Sample Screenshot

Pricing & Purchase

Single developer license EUR 250
Team developer license EUR 750
Site wide license EUR 1500

What's New


Version 1.5 has been released (06 March 2013 released)

  • added support add overlay text, overlay image, motion image, scrolling text on video.
  • added support select video format.
  • added overlay text and image c# 2010 sample.
Version 1.0 has been released (23 February 2013 released)

  • Developer can easily add powerful video capture capability to their browser applications or outside of the browserapplications on desktop.
  • Silverlight Video Capture Control runs in all popular Web browsers, including Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Apple Safari, Google Chrome, and on Microsoft Windows and Apple Mac OS X.