Directshow RTMP Streaming Filter
Directshow RTMP Streaming Filter

Directshow RTMP Streaming Filter 4.1

Platform : Windows 10, Windows 8, Vista, Windows 7, XP

RTMP Streaming Directshow Filter allow your application streaming the video and audio content to Wowza Media Server , Facebook Live, Youtube Live. 

Key Features

  • Support streaming the video and audio content stream to Facebook Live, Youttube Live, Wowza Media Server, Adobe Media Server. Then you may deliver a live stream at the same time to Adobe Flash Player, Apple iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch) and RTSP/RTP-based players (including 3GPP smartphones and tablets, and Android devices).

  • Support Base, Main, or High H264 profile when encoding.

  • Support pause and resume when live streaming. 
  • Support RGB24, RGB32, YUY2, IYUV, YV12, NV12, I420 Video Format.
  • Specifiable encoding quality.

  • Include C# 2015, VC 2010 samples. 

  • Compatible with any programming language that supports Directshow (Visual C , C#, Delphi etc.)

  • Royalty free distribution of the Directshow Filter.

Sample Screenshot

Pricing & Purchase

Single developer license EUR 680
Team developer license EUR 1980
Site wide license EUR 3980

What's New

Version 4.1  (10 August 2018 Released)

  • fixed call resume and pause method crash issue in VC sample.
  • fixed if mouse dragging for moving application when RTMP Live Streaming in Mulitple Monitor, The application will crash issue.

Version 4.0  (29 December 2017 Released)

  • fixed cannot connected to Wowza Media Server issue.

Version 3.5  (08 March 2017 Released)

  • fixed video source\'s video format is RGB 32 or RGB 24 , it will have color space issue.

Version 3.0  (08 August 2016 Released)

  • added C# 2015 sample.

Version 2.0  (26 May 2016 Released)

  • added support RGB 24, RGB 32 video format.

Version 1.0  (28 October 2014 Released)

License Agreement

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